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What's new with the crew?

18/01/04 Check out the new feautres I've put on the site new mailing list and new message board as well as a chatroom on the home page chek back next week for picture updates.

18/12/03 Full site update new latest pics and new links to sections the links are removed due to the new pics section I also lost a lott of pics in the proses but check it out any way alos added is a new section containing bails.

14/12/03 Me and Bernard went street skating today all the others are away on holiday!Nice at the end of the day we just got busted so many times it's no use going anymore but found a new rail with no security but had no wax this baby is still brand new but you will see more of it soon!Then we went on to the bull rails and I fucked my toe up with a royale and that was it for me but we enjoyed it KEEP IN TOUCH!Still waiting for my new skates!

09/11/03 Hey 1000 visitors in just over six months!Nice one thanks to everbody how has been visiting the site.The site will be updated once before christmas and that would be the last for the year hopefully with everyone being there.Keep in touch and keep skating.

12/10/03 Site updated!

11/10/03 New pics will be up Tomorrow Sunday October 12th Bernard was working Nelius got grounded and Dewald drank to muck to reviuos night so it was only me and Johann and we had no lift to the central so no street pics but after all a good day's skating.Keep in touch and thanks for the support!

13/09/03 I went street skating with the two new members (Bernard and Nelius did not reply to my request so they have no pics) and it did not go that well the few pictures that we took came out ok but we just got busted so many times and so fast but it was a good day after all!The level (since the last photo section) has gone up very very high I cant wait for the next time this site is gonna be updated it is gonna be fucking sick!Keep in touch!

17/08/03 Dewald Botha joins the crew new pics will be updated in two weeks time from this day it's gonna be all street and you will see the skills of "d"! L8er

24/07/03 Hey ppl plz check out the pit on the message board page!Almost lika a message board just a bit differnt and sign it plz.Thx

21/07/03 There will be two new sections on the site one where you can send pics of u skatin or your setup!As soon as I get them I'll put them up plz email them to fstfrolling@skatepile.com.We will also be going street skating soon and pics will be updated as well as the new crew members.Thanks for all your support and spreading the word of the site.For all you local rollers go check out www.fishbrain.co.za and fill in the survey for a LOCAL ROLLING MAG!Yes believe it!

20/07/03 Full website update complete please vote on the new polls and sign messageboard plz!!

19/0703 Ok the latest section setups section and profiles are updated i'm still busy with the riders section will all be finished on the latest Sunday

12/07/03 The new pictures wil defentley be up and running tomorrow (Saterday 13 July)!Sorry for delay just been really busy skating a lot lateley.We might have 2 new crew members joining....spread the word please and keep in touch!

15/6/03 Hey everyone sorry for taking so loooong for updating the picture and setup section but it's just that we have been writing exames and I am injured so we dont have been able to I havent been skating for like three wekks now because of this shit but when the holidays are on the go the site wil be updated weekly and there will also be a picture section from the nationals!Keep in touch and dont be a stranger!

01/06/03 I'm back!Sorry for not updating the site in a long time it's just we have been skating so much that we dont even take pictures(SORRY)but they wil be up very very soon!Please check out the two new "toys" on the site the monthly polls page and the pit I'll leave you to check it out fou yourself.PLEASE PEOPLE SPREAD THE WORD OF THE CREW AND SITE AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!

07/05/03 Well we got our stuff we orderded!Nelius got new skates and I got a bag and my baseplates I'v been wanting so badley now I can finally grind the anaconda rail again!We learned loads of new stuff and new pics should be up soon but I paid the price by bailing several times on my left hip I was ou for like two weeks but I am skaing now although it hurts like shit!

24/04/03 We are going to the easter show on the weekend so new pics will be updated soon or we might go to Roces dont know yet.We placed an order over the net recentley Nelius is getting trs estilio's and a couple of other stuff as well keep in touch

12/04/03 What a day we had last week when we went to the city and skating with Bernard for the first time.Me and Nelius were shocked to see the rail skills of Bernard!The first trick of the day was him doing a huge 10 stair handrail but the rail ia as high as my neck and he did it 3rd try that was sick.(check the pic in latest section)Then we moved on to other spots and after that back to the park.This was the scariest bail I have ever seen.....ok there is a big and small box and a rail running throught the middle of it so Nelius decided to transfer from the big box to the small box over the rail.....as he hit the big box his angle was to big and he cliped the rail in mid air, the momentum of him fliped him frontwards straight over and he landed on his neck on the small box so he actualey did a frontflip transfer, luckeley he walked away uninjured but trust me he could have been dead!When we decided to leave Bernard had to show of again by running up a wall and doing a backflip off it this was also pretty sick check the pick in latest section.

04/04/03 Bernard Du Plesis joins the crew going to city tomorrow and gonna take pics wil be up soon.His pics section wil be up next week.

03/04/03 Hey people we are going to the city on Saterday new pics wil be updated on the next week Saterday.Two new members are joining the crew dont know their names yet.Check out the pics section new pics were updated from the park.Please email us for bigger images.