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Welcome to the FSTF Website, Im the new desighner and the site wil be updated weekly with all the latest stuff, Remember to register on our new messageboard and chat, Stay up to date with everything by adding your name to our mailinglist aswell.

Updated : Sunday, 16 March 2008

Please sign the message board before you leave.Site is best viewed at 1024*768 for pictures.This is a rollerblading site!There are no skateboards or any of that kind here...only rollers!

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Why do we skate?

We skate coz that is our way of having fun and enjoing ourselfs that is the main reason we skate to enjoy what we do!WE DO NOT SKATE to be associated with hip hop or any way of a rollerblader image or to be hardcore like some people do ,we have dedicated ourselfes to rollerblading.This wesite was made for no reason is spesific it's not here to brag or show off any skills we push our own limits and if yours is higher good for you work on your and we will on ours.IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS ON THIS FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AT

14303 Since Desember 20 2006 By Divan Martin Pictures

Pictures work like this: There are only 4 sections available on this site and there are five riders so the more pics you have you have a better chance of having your own section and it's not about who gets the most photos at a session it's about who is at the most sessions for pictues!Not one picture you see on this website is fake they are all real.There is not one picture on this website that is the same and all the tricks you see were landed!Please check out all the stuff from the options on the top it wil get updated like every week or two.
ED 3D Link
Updated News on "ED 3D". 

ED 3D is produced by Divan Martin and Elrich Greyling on there most boring times, except everyone seems to like there most boring times so they made there own edit of it and it moved over south africa like you cant believe, everybody is waiting for the 2nd eppisode to be reliesed.

The 1st eppisode is downloadable from the site for free... and the 2nd eppisode will be reliesed in early 2007

 From more Information on ED 3D contact:

Divan Martin (D13) : 27762908663

Elrich Greyling (E47) : 27767026633